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Adding a link in a field within a portlet.

Question asked by chrisflynn on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by chrisflynn

I have created a custom portlet in clarity 13.3 and one of the Fields is called April Actuals. I would like to be able to setup a link on this field so when I click on it another portlet opens up with the details. I have create both portlets and I know how to go into the field properties in the first portlet and add a link but when I select the link from the drop down it appears for a second and then it reverts back to [select]. My custom portlet is called Current Account projections and is based on a custom object I created called Current Account Financial Projections. My second Portlet is called Transactions portlet and it is based on a custom Object called Transactions. I created a link in the Current Account Financial Projections object to link it to the Transactions Object. Then I go into the Current Account projections portlet and create a link on that field and I select Transactions Link in the drop down. It selects it and flashes for about a second and then reverts back to select.


Can you have a field in one portlet setup so that when you click on it, the second portlet opens I guess is the simple question. It would be basically a drill down. I can do this with the out of the box allocations portlet because I had it working for a test. I would like to now add the same principle to my second custom portlet so it opens up instead of the Allocations Portlet.


Hope this is not to confusing to answer.