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Integrating Sub Process in one flow (one browser)

Question asked by FrankVanderGeest81980921 on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by anpanday

Hi all,


I have a testcase imported with Selenium:


- steps towards an authentication service

- I want to use a sub process to log in, since these log in steps will be done often. Moreover, I would like to use these steps as a subproces to make it easy to change the username&password combinations read from excel rows.


When I run a test where I put the sub proces in between the selenium steps, ITR opens a new instance of a browser for the sub proces, failing the test.


How can I run the log in steps as a subproces, and make it one big uninterupted flow?  selenium steps -> sub proces -> selenium steps (all in one browser)


Kind regards,