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Installing New EM collector for Multiport-TIM

Question asked by Thamilarasan.X.Lakshmanan on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Thamilarasan.X.Lakshmanan

Hi All,


We are planning to introduce/install a new EM collector for our newly installed Multi-Port TIM appliance in our CA APM 9.5.2 cluster. Our Environment: 1 MOM and 5 Collectors in Linux x86_64 GNU/Linux box.

Question 1) How can I restrict the MOM not to assign any agents to our new EM collector which we are planning to dedicate only for the Multi-Port TIM.

Question 2) Also I forgot the user ID and password for APM Postgres DB. I know I have to use the existing DB during this new EM collector installation. Please advise how should I reset the password for the APM Postgres DB and what are all the steps to be followed after changing the password.

Thank You!