APM 10.1 is GA

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Dear All,


We are happy to announce that the CA APM 10.1 release is now officially GA and available for download from CA Support Online (CSO).


The following features are included in the APM 10.1 release:


  • APM for NodeJS: In CA APM 10.1 we are introducing a new Node.js agent allowing enterprises runningapplications to identify and resolve performance issues.  CA APM for Node.js integrates performance metrics into CA APM for intelligent analytics, alerting and visibility on a single dashboard.

ATC1 Screenshot_NodeJS.gif


      CA APM for Node.js provides the following functionality:

    • Problem Detection: Monitors and detects performance problems in the critical components of Node.js applications. Also monitors the overall health and performance of the Node.js process helping to quickly identify performance problems.

    • Problem Triage and Diagnosis: Correlates performance of Node.js applications to the performance of the rest of the application tiers. Quickly triage and diagnose problems using intelligent analytics and alerting.

    • Problem Root Cause Analysis: Automatically collects deep dive diagnostic snapshots of transactions when performance problems occur allowing users to quickly determine the root cause of the performance issues.

    • Easy to Install and Deploy: Is easy to install and deploy and does not require any modifications to the Node.js application source code.

  • Support Micro-services Architecture and enabling technologies: Manage performance of applications deployed on Docker Containers, Cloud Foundry.

  • APM Team Center Enhancements:
    • Personal Perspectives - In addition to globally configured perspectives, this release enables you to create your own Personal perspectives to pivot the map based on your needs, to improve monitoring and speed up the triage process.
    • Transaction Trace Map Building - In this release, Team Center uses Transaction trace data to build the map. This feature guarantees that all elements of a transaction always appear on the map. Transaction trace map generation is set up by default, no configuration is necessary. Legacy map traces are still available and can be configured. 
    • The ABA tab in Webview is now disabled by default
  • APM REST API:  This release includes an APM REST API which can be used by developers in automated scripts to create, update, and delete vertex attributes.
  • APM Command Center Enhancements: Automatic Controller Upgrades, Enhanced Scalability and Extended Platform Support
  • Dynamics Domains.xml:  Create Domains, Switch agents between Domains, Reorder Domains, and Update Domain Permissions without restarting Enterprise Manager.
  • Browser Agent: CA Browser Response Time Monitor (CA BRTM) is renamed to the Browser Agent. The Browser Agent provides new Browser Agent Extension to allow custom measurement of JavaScript frameworks, transaction trace properties and name formatting.
  • JAVA Agent Enhancements: HTTP Backend Path grouping and Thread dump capture improvements.
  • .NET Agent Enhancements: The overhead for monitoring Socket connections on a .NET application is significantly reduced.
  • Differential Analysis Enhancements: Differential Analysis variance intensity metrics are now calculated for metrics that are sent to the Manager of Manager (MOM), in addition to the Enterprise Managers. For example, MOM-calculated metrics can appear for aggregated frontend and business service metrics.


For more information, see the APM 10.1 Release Notes included with the APM 10.1 product documentation, posted to the wiki.ca.com site.

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