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More than one EiamAdmin user

Question asked by mozart.souza on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by mozart.souza

Hi everyone,


I have a  question, does anyone know if it is possible to configure more than one EaimAdmin user on CA EEM?


My team (APM Tools) supports the tool ( troubleshooting, support, access and etc). But  We also have an IT Access Control team that is responsible for the access granting of all system in the company, and I have to phase out this activity to them. For some security policy purpose they can´t have the MAIN admin user´s access, it means that I can´t share the EiamAdmin´s password with them, so i would have to create another user with the same rights of  EiamAdmin.


Is that possible?


thanks in advance.