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14.3 Upgrade + IBM WebSphere 8.5 + RedHat Linux

Question asked by DJ.V on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by nick_darlington

I have a specific question about 14.3 upgrade compatibility matrix.


Some background:


  1. Release Notes:
  2. Compatibility mentions that IBM WebSphere is supported, RedHat Linux is supported
  3. Compatibility does not mention anywhere that IBM WebSphere support is dropped for MicroSoft Windows or Linux Server
  4. There is a note that says:
    1. 7)CA PPM is supported on any localized version of the supported application servers.
    2. a)WebSphere is only supported on AIX OS. Support for WebSphere will be dropped in the first release of CA PPM in the calendar year 2016.


As you know IBM WebSphere is widely used product and does not look like that CA would decide to drop support altogether.


And above note confuses everything. Could you please help confirm compatibility of IBM WebSphere with various OS System?


Thanks in advance!