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How to configure Fiber Channels of ibmvm probe on UIM (Nimsoft)?

Question asked by viljo05 Employee on Oct 16, 2015

I am working with ibmvm probe for UIM (Nimsoft). I was able to connect the HMC and discover the elements of the p8. Even all the fiber channels are been discovered, 56 total and 14 for each VIOS. However, all of the fiber channels are been displayed at the VIOS1 and VIOS3 but nothing at the VIOS2 and VIOS4. I am planning to determine which fiber channel corresponds with the one at the P8 by its WWN. Unfortunately, just the first 10 FC have information (on each VIOS 1 and 3) but the rest of all they didn´t have any metrics or data available. Could this be part of the same issue of having the FCs just at VIOS 1 and VIOS3? Or there might be a wrong configuration at the p8 or the probe? The P8 engineers argued that everything is just well configured at their side and they see traffic on all the VIOS. Any help or idea is welcome... Thanks in advance!