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Service Provider Using CA SDM

Question asked by Ellery on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by TMACUL

Hello Everyone!


I'm writing to ask for opinions about ways of implementation of CA SDM for our company.


To give fictional example:


Our clients and the services we provide to them:

  • ClientA (Service1, Service2 and Service3)
  • ClientB (Service1)
  • ClientC (Service1 and Service3)
  • CliendD (Service4)


Those clients have users who can request services, report incidents and asks for changes.


The services not contracted by one comapny can't be seen in case they didn't ordered previously.


I think multi-tenant isn't the solution, but a type of partition or anything else.


No problem if I have to create services like (would be better if not eheheheh):

  • ClientA-Service1
  • ClientB-Service1
  • ClientC-Service1