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Subpages turn into Tabs glitch

Question asked by leose02 Employee on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by leose02

I have an issue when I click into a custom sub-object and then either click Return or Save & Return the sub-pages turn into tabs.

Below is the view of the master object's sub pages before I click into the sub-object:


Below is the master object view after I click Return or Save & Return:



This only occurs for only 1 sub-object, all other objects work normally.The problem seems to be that the Return and Save & Return button are adding '5204144.5204141' to the URL when it is not required.

Full URL after clicking Return:


If you remove the '5204144.5204141' from the URL, the page generated is as expected. As this is a system generated URL I cant modify it or re-create it.


I have done the following things to try and fix this problem:

  • Restart Services/Flush Cache/Clean User Sessions
  • Re-XOG configuration/views for both the master and sub-object
  • Reset views for both the master and sub-object


The next course of action is to re-build the object but I prefer not to go down that path if I don't need to.


Anyone got any other idea's besides re-creating the object?