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using the SOAP request executeStartRequest with nested parameters

Question asked by samuel.leibowitz on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by rob.mccoy

Hi folks,


I currently have a start request form which has a field group called AdditionalFields in it. For example, one such field is a text field called Customer, so the _id for this field is "Form.AdditionalFields.Customer".


A colleague of mine is  now working on trying to kick this field off from a SOAP request using executeStartRequest, but isn't able to value this field from the request.  The relevant line from his request looks like:


<tns:param name="Form.AdditionalFields.Customer">Customer Name Here</tns:param>


Unfortunately, that's not working for him, and my SOAP kung fu is pretty weak.


Can someone help me figure out how to appropriately structure the SOAP request to call a nested parameter?