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got_cnt.dob method Error while Login in SDM 14.1

Question asked by ManojSingh1234 on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by ManojSingh1234

Hi Team,


Is there anyone know about got_cnt.dob method while login in SDM application?


I have to replicate my production CA SDM 12.6 to my test environment and further have to upgrade to 14.1. I have run SDM 14.1 dvd first on fresh SDM 12.6 application, then i restored my production mod data and wspcol, wsptbl on SDM 14.1 application and I was able to see my production customized form in WSP. Further I have run pdm_configure. Now when i try to login in SDM14.1 application, i am getting following error. Any one know why i am getting this error??