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User defined lock-out message

Question asked by Kim.Iversen on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by I-hsinWang81981782

Hi Clarity PPM-ers!


We need to lock out our user base for several days as we implement and test several changes in our production region. We can easily lock them out, however we would like to display a message reminding them that system is "off-line" while we implement the changes. Right now all we seem to be able to display is the standard message "Invalid login information. Your account will be locked". Our hope is to minimize the number of support tickets we might otherwise get during this period (and the standard message certainly won't help that!).


Do any of you utilize a system message? If so, how did you implement it? (this is not a true system outage, as a select group of users will be in the system making the changes. This is truly more of a lock-out).