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Two OBS sections in project properties

Question asked by urmas on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by urmas

Some years ago there was a discussion on how to remove the OBS section from the project edit properties view.

Then conclusion at the time was that it cannot be removed. It is always the second visible section.


Now I have the opposite problem.

I XOGed out the department structure as OBS in 13.3.

XOGed it in test system which removed all the instance associations and the rights as they did not exist in the test system, but left the definitions for object associations.

XOGed out again and edited the XML file for a new structure and XOGed in that as an OBS structure.

Fine both structures New and Old  display in project properties in addition to what was already there



Since it worked so fine I XOGed the new structure also to the source system

Looks OK in resource properties - added to the OBS section after the existing one fine.

However, in the project properties that does not look so good.


Two OBS sections. Just wondering again how is that possible and why not in resource properties both are objects that can be financially enabled.

Other people see it like that, too, so it is not just my ID, workstation and browser.

Apparently I did not do anything wrong as the other  one is OK and also the VM is OK. Why just the source system.


There is no problem de-associating the new structure with the project object as we only need one and the second section goes away with that. It comes back if we re-associate it again with the project object.

No errors so I am not looking at the logs.

Is there a reason for that or is it just one of those days?