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Email relay configuration

Question asked by MichielHelder Champion on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by Stephen_Hughes

Does anyone have a best practice for configuring the email relay (smart relay) on the current version of the gateway. Specifically for maintenance scripts which try to send mail. The manage_binlogs script has instructions but they seem to be outdated since they only describe sendmail on RHEL4 (SSG 5.0 and older) and exim on RHEL 5 (SSG 5.1 and later). But it seems like both are no longer present on the current version of the gateway. From a quick look I noticed that postfix is probably used now. But instead of grabbing some random instructions from the internet on a generic postfix configuration, I would rather have instructions for a best practice specifically for the gateway. I have not been able to find these on the wiki, so I thought I'd ask here before opening a case for it.