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Does anyone have an example of barcode printing with DDS user sources?

Question asked by Onebauknecht on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Onebauknecht

I am investigating if it is possible to print a barcode (CODE3OF9) on a report. I think that it is possible to create a DDS user source, something like:


A            ZBUVT3        12A       50BARCODE(CODE3OF9 2 (*WIDTH .007) +

                                       (*RATIO 2) *HRZ *HRI)


But when I attach the user source to the field before, I cannot generate the function (type PRTFIL) but I see no errors in the source when

I search with 'E*'.


And I am also not shure how I can pass the value to the field ZBUVT3, it should be a person number.


Does anybody has an idea?


Thanks, Ueli