Issue Alert : Firefox 41.0 and higher does not work well with Clarity URLs and links

Discussion created by Nika_Hadzhikidi Employee on Oct 22, 2015
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Hello members of the community!


We recently discovered that one of the latest updates on Firefox is causing issues with Clarity:

CLRT-79118 FireFox v41 and higher causes some Clarity URLs to work incorrectly

This is the root cause for the following additional issues:

CLRT-79107 Firefox only: Applying Content Add-ins (PMO etc.) from Clarity UI displays all the items available when confirming, and risks resetting all the Views with no possibility to Undo

CLRT-79111  "Make Participant" and "Make Collaboration Manager" buttons do not process the required action in Firefox 41.0.2

CLRT-79074 Process messages show the error "Sorting by the column specified is not allowed." when browsing to second page on Firefox 41


It can also be the cause for some filters and pages not to work properly, or having missing buttons.



So please be aware that Firefox 41 and higher can lead to issues with Clarity, and we recommend you to use another browser with Clarity for the time being, whilst we are working on a fix.


IE and Chrome do not have any issue.



Kind Regards


Nika Hadzhikidi
CA Technologies
Principal Support Engineer