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Peoplesoft agent error: table or view does not exist error

Question asked by SKEMME47SIL47 on Oct 22, 2015
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We have a Unix box and are changing the ps.db.accessId  value from sysadm to a more restricted one.


We granted access to the process scheduler tables as requested in the implementation guide.  However, we are getting the following error:


  1. Monitor.PsDbHandler.runSimpleQuery[:440] - Query: select RUNSTATUS from PSPRCSRQST where PRCSINSTANCE = 2355006

10/21/2015 17:59:21.560 MDT-0600 1 main.PS request Monitor.PsRequestManager.checkOutstandingJobs[:409] - Problem checking job status ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Is it necessary to create synomyms for the sysadm tables?

Any help would be appreciated.