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IM and GM integration - errors during continuous update

Question asked by AndySh on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by AndySh

Hi all,


we have implementation with IM 12.6 sp6 and GM 12.6 SP3.


When IM is puching changes to GM, in IM JBOSS log we get an error like:


13:32:29,948 ERROR [] (iam_imDefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-12) AnalyticsEngineRcmImpl:drainQueue: Caught JMS Exception when acknowledging message:Non XA connection

13:32:29,951 ERROR [] (iam_imDefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-12) AnalyticsEngineRcmImpl:drainQueue: Cannot proceed with the acknowledgement . So returning


What does it mean ?

Can anybody assist ?


Best regards,