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How to set different email sender address depending how messages are generated

Question asked by urmas on Oct 23, 2015
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I asked about changing the situation from where the email sender is dependent on who created eg. an action to where the sender is always the default sender.


quickly provided the answer which is

In order to use the defaultSenderAddress an additional attribute needs to be added to the properties.xml file. It is 'alwaysUseDefaultSenderAddress' on the mailserver node:


<mailServer alwaysUseDefaultSenderAddress="true"


Thanks again it did the trick.

(BTW hos is the documenting of that proceeding)


There were a couple of old threads after the same and I posted the solution there, too.


Now the admins are happy the PM of the project the users do not bug them any more about these notifications.


No they are not happy because the users bug them about who is this default email sender and who to contact him or her as they have questions about the notifications.


Now they tell me what they really wanted in the first place was to be able to set the sender of the email notification  the PM of the project  in association to which the notification was created.


What might be the perquisites to do that and in what kind of circumstances might that be possible and then finally how?

I understand standard functionality firing standard message might not be modifiable in that manner.

Process with a gel script should be possible to be developed in that manner.

What might the gel script for that be?

Anything between those where the sender could be set or selected?