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I am trying to plan a deployment with OWB, and would like to have quite detailed information for my tasks. Can I use exact time with tasks?

Question asked by Mika_B on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by Dave_3.0

Hi all,


I wonder if OWB works for my purpose.


I am trying to do a quite exact plan over a weekend when several deployment should be done. Therefore, I would like to plan tasks start and finish dates with 15 minutes scale, such as start time 8:15 and finish time 9:30.

I already found out that yes, I can add time to task start and finish date field. However, I am not able to change those times, and I suppose that the duration has something to do with that. The duration is 1, which probably means that the minimum duration is one day.


If some knows a way to apply 15 minutes scale, I would really appreciate your help