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Anyone know where the ETC Start Date on Assignment Properties comes from?

Question asked by BrandonW on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by BrandonW

We are seeing a lot of projects with this issue.  Once a resource charges time to a task the task Finish date pushes way out into the future (years).

I have a task that is 30 hours of work.  It has 2 resources assigned, #1 at 100% and #2 at 55% allocation(Max % load).  The baseline Start and Finish dates are 10/19-10/30.

Resource #2 charged 2 hours to the task on 10/15.

Now the task shows a Finish date of 4/13/2016 for resource #2.

Allocation is still 55%, resource calendar shows 1 non-workday exception (vacation day), so it makes no sense why the Finish date is so far out.

But when I click on the icon to see the Assignment Properties for resource #2 on that task is shows the ETC Detail and a Start Date of 4/11/2016, anyone know how or where that comes from?

We are on Clarity version 14.2, we use the legacy drivers and MSP 2010.