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XOG command line not responding

Question asked by TaiN on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by urmas

Hi all,


I'm XOG-ing from the application bin directory using :

xog - propertyfile (mypropertyfile)

It worked a few first time but I used the wrong input file and XOG it a few times, now the command propmpt is not responding.

When i type xog in bin directory it does nothing.



it should have prompt me with this:


Usage: xog

login [user/passwd@host:port] Create new active session.
logout                        Close active session.
call <file>                   Invoke given XOG request.
verbose <on|off>              Turn on verbose error logging.
output <console|path>         Output to console or file.
exit                          Logout and exit the shell.
?                             Display this help information.

   call xml/cmn_users_read.xml


Is there a lock of some sort somewhere that i need to clear in order to xog using command line again?