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Post Timesheet : Join splitted Timeentries

Question asked by David_Marchal_CoPrime on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by David_Marchal_CoPrime

Hi guys,


One of my clients has decided to create an interface to import timesheet hours.


The design for now is a unitary import (more simple) :

  • Input file is a CSV
  • 1 line = 1 resource - 1 activity - 1 day
  • XOG Timesheet is used with action="add"
  • No consideration for update operations
  • The result is a timesheet with multiple splitted entries for the same assignment


At first, we thought it was acceptable because the "Post Timesheet" would clean up the timesheet and purge useless entries.


I was pretty sure that it would :

  • Join splitted entries if they were on the same charge code, input type code
  • Regroup days on the same assignment
  • Sum hours on the same day


Ultimately, it seems that the job "only" deletes empty entries (with 0 or null hour on the whole week).


Does anybody has already seen this feature work ?

Or is it just me who's dreaming ?


Do u think it could be an enhancement for future releases ?