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APIM and Development Teams

Question asked by acalbazana on Oct 27, 2015
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General question... Does anyone have a high-level process that they can share with regard to how development teams engage the API Management platform?  Here is why I ask...


I am of the opinion that the bulk of our development staff does not need to worry about policy development, migration, and portal management.  I feel that at some point during the SDLC, developers need to engage with a team who is focused on policy and API plan management.


My question is - Who, in your organization, is responsible for policy development and API plan management?  Is it security?  Is it operations?  Is it a specialized set of developers?  I know this might differ from org to org, but I'm curious if others view this as a centralized responsibility vs. a distributed one. 


I'd be interested in how others have "operationalized" the platform if you'd care to share