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Portlets not beeing displayed correctly on different partitions

Question asked by emre.emirlioglu on Oct 28, 2015
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Clarity: 14.3

DB: SQL Server 2012


I have two users, admin and one called budget

     Admin has all access

     Budget only has limited access


I also have two Top level partitions (Standard and Budget)

     Admin has access to all partitions

     Budget only has access to budget partition.


I have created a portlet, which is placed on a new tab, and i displayed differently for these two users.


Admin user view:



Budget user view:




For some reason the configurations are not beeing passed to the budget user, and the correct view is only visiable to the admin user who created the query and portlet.

The portlet has been published and the content on the tab has been publsihed from portlet pages as well.

Budget partition was used when selected data source for the portlet.


Is this a "feature" when working with two top level partitions?