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Primary and Secondary hub without Tunnel

Question asked by Servicemonitoring on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by Servicemonitoring

Hello everyone.


I would like to configure a secondary hub which is in an other Network than the Primary hub.


Primary hub: german network

Secondary hub: spanish Network


I already opened the ports 48000 - 48010 in both sides but it doesn´t work. The Queues doesn´t Transfer any data/ alarms and the Connection between both hubs are marked as red in the Status.


As we still use the Version 7.6 I don´t want to use a tunnel because the tunnel has a bug in this Version. The tunnel connects and disconnet the whole time. So I would like to set the secondary hub as a static hub.


I would be really happy about some help. :-)


Kind Regards



P.s.: Some additional Information.....

The database and UMP is in the german Network too. The secondary (spanish) hub will be a seperated Environment for our spanish collegues but we want to share the database and UMP. So I would like to send the data (and maybe alarms) from the secondary hub to our Primary hub that the Primary hub can save everything to the database.