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Menu 'Jumping' in 14.3 Teal and Grey Theme

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by navzjoshi00

Hi all. This may seem petty, but we want to use 14.3's Teal & Grey theme as a jumping off point for a new theme for our 14.3 upgrade. nick_darlington - I will glady open a ticket for this but since you do such a great job of spotting this stuff I thought I'd start it here first. If we can fix this we can submit this back to mainline code.


This may seem petty - but I can guarantee you I'll hear about this from my users so this would be a showstopper to the new theme.


I get the below behavior in both Chrome 46 and IE 11.


On Main Menu hover, the right divider bar between menu items appears to drop a pixel or two of spacing, causing the user to perceive the menu as 'jumping' a bit. It's tiny, but since this is the primary menu for user interaction it makes the app feel a little shoddy. We need to not make them think about quality when simply hovering over a menu.