Enhancement Request - MS Project 2010 (Professional) Inactive Tasks

Discussion created by CalSTRS on Oct 29, 2015

MS Project 2010 (Professional) has a feature that allows the project manager to mark tasks as "Inactive" (this feature is not available in standard versions of MS Project). It would be beneficial to have this same functionality available in Clarity that is a bi-directional setting honored in both applications, regardless of which application was used to mark the task inactive. Additionally, inactive tasks should be excluded from scheduling, baseline updates, etc., and not affect project start/finish dates (ex. if an inactive task has a start or finish date that is outside of the approved project start/finish dates, the project start/finish date does not change as a result of inactive tasks). Inactivating tasks on very large project schedules is a good way to identify tasks that were originally in the approved WBS but are no longer needed due to change of scope or other circumstances on the project. Deleting these tasks would not preserve the visibility of agreements made to modify the schedule over the life of multi-year projects.