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Please help - needs codes for e-mail templates

Question asked by peterbechlutzka on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by peterbechlutzka

Dear community members
I am reaching out for your help and expertise. I am creating a new e-mail template and needs to add some fields I have never before used and therefore I can not copy these from another template.

How can I find the codes for the following "placeholders"?

  • [Affected End User - User ID]
  • [Affected End User - First Name]
  • [Affected End User - Middle Name]
  • [Affected End User - Last Name]
  • [Affected End User - Phone number]
  • [Affected End User - Functional Organization]
  • [Affected End User - Department]
  • [Affected End User - Location]
  • [Request Area]
  • [User filled Category Propery field] (ex. account number when ordering a new smart phone...)
  • [Latest text from "User description" in a "Research" Activity]


Thanks in advance