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[Help] How to prevent ETC/Work get generated in MSP & PPM?

Question asked by I-hsinWang81981782 on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Connie_Fu

Background: 14.2 version, using legacy connector.

Project: we normally create project from template.

What I did so far: [Template] in our template, the Type is set to Fixed Duration, and Work is set to zero hour. [PPM] We default the value to zero for Default Allocation from Team Object.



We are having an issue that ETC got generated in PPM even though we already default the allocation to zero. The issue happens when I open the schedule in MSP and SAVE it back to PPM. It doesn't matter if I make any changes or not. Start from that point (MSP), when I do mass assignment (replace the role with a resource), the ETC will become non-zero value, and that affects the durations.


I tried to do mass assignment before I open MSP, and the issue deos not exist.


Based on the trigger action (MSP), there must be something wrong either while MSP do the calculation or the legacy connector.


Any thougth on this one? Any help will be greatly appreciated.