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Query to check posted XOGed transactions in project is same or not

Question asked by RahulSarkar4202881 on Nov 2, 2015
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We have posted actuals (not timesheet) transactions into clarity using XOG, post transactions to financial, post to wip and import financial.

Now we can check all these transactions in oracle backend-
1. select * from PPA_WIP where batchno = 5009344 and TRANSDATE between to_date('2014/09/28' 'yyyy-mm-dd') and to_date('2015/08/29' 'yyyy-mm-dd')

2. From PPA_PostINGBATCH for the load done on 10/27/2015 by my userid.


We are getting same transactions sum which we loaded. But we want to get same count in the project if these are loaded corrected in all projects for same dates.


We are trying out everything but it is giving some difference. We wanted to know the query by which we can check all the transactions loaded in the project during those above date. Can you please help in this regard.


As this difference is creating a big issue for us, appreciate you help in this regard.



Rahul Sarkar