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How to configure Auto escalate incident

Question asked by ENTIIS_TH on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by cdtj

I have a question. CA Service desk can set escalate/transfer incident to another analyst

If analyst can't reponse to update incident detail.


Step to auto escalate/transfer incident in below:

1. employee1 open incident name 'Incident1'

select Incident Area = Hardware.

2. Incident1 Assignee to Analyst1.  [Because, I Set fuction Auto assignment > Self-Service > 'Symbol = Hardware' assign to Analyst1.]

3. Analyst1 don't available in working day. [Such as He is holiday or sick very long time.]

4. I would like to  escalate/transfer to another analyst if analyst1 don't response incident within 4 hours.


How can i configure it?


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