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Multiple Value Parameter in crystal report

Question asked by Kajal.Rane on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Kajal.Rane

I`m trying to pass a parameter composed by multiple values from Clarity to Crystal Reports (BO) and the report doesn't work.  If I select a unique value the report works fine, but if I select two or more values from a lookup with Multiple-select that I'm sending to Crystal Reports (BO) the report doesn't work.        I don't know exactly what are happening, because following the documentation all must be ok. I have set  option Allow Multiple-values.      If i use the formula field with the below formula

(If {?param_kc_class}<>'' Then

{Command.KC_CLass_ID} IN {?param_kc_class}



i can run it in crystal reports but when i try to run through clarity, the report does not run.