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HeError creating Users for the OTK DB

Question asked by on Nov 4, 2015
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Hello All,


I was working on installing the OAuth toolkit 3.0 on my gateway 8.3 and encountered this error. I was creating the OTK Database on an external MySQL host and gave the external host name ( and port (3306). Let's say, I entered the Admin user on that host which is "OTKADMIN" (This user has previlages to create databses and users on the host) and its password and I entered the New MySQL DB name as "otk_db" and the MySQL user name as "otk_user" and gave MySQL host grants to "localhost" and my gateway server's IP. When I selected "Create Database", I encountered the following error.


What does this error actually mean? I tried creating new databses and users on the Target MySQL host locally using the "OTKADMIN" user and I was able to create successfully. Not sure why I am not able to create the database and user from the gateway with the same admin user.


Any thoughts or help to resolve this is much appreciated.