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Earliest Activity Log (alg.time_stamp) Customization On Search Form (list_in.htmpl) Returning Blank Pages

Question asked by Stuart_ on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Stuart_



We have added these fields to the incident search form list_in.htmpl


<PDM_MACRO name=sfLookup hdr="Activity Log Analyst" attr="act_log.analyst">

<PDM_MACRO name=sfDate hdr="Earliest Activity Log Date" attr="alg.time_stamp" qbe_condition=GE>

<PDM_MACRO name=sfDate hdr="Latest Activity Log Date" attr="alg.time_stamp" qbe_condition=LE>



This allows people to search and get a list of tickets that they have made an activity log entry on, during the time period specified. However we are finding the search result comes back with many blank pages.


For example you can see in this screenshot 281 incidents were returned in the search, but results stop appearing at page 5. Pages 6-12 displayed no incidents.





Anyone else using this customization ? Any ideas on what is occurring here?