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Gel Script to create Cost Plan using "Resouce Plan " OWB Task Assignment

Question asked by shalinee on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by shalinee

Hi All,


We are in V12.1 and would like to know if anyone had any success using a GEL script to create a cost plan based on a project using option "Create using Resource Plan" and  task assignments that applies custom rules?

The biggest challenge we have is that we cannot query out the actuals and ETCs by day for use in creating the cost plan.  If we use time slices, we may not be including everything for the duration of long-running projects.  If we use XOG to get the project information, the granularity of ETCs and Actuals by day is not available (just time ranges are given).


Thanks in advance. !11-5-2015 10-05-41 AM.png