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literal string with variable substitution syntax in script throws error at code compile time

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by sdetweil2

we have this script which is generating message data into a file as part of one of our services.


the message data needs the date and time, and it needs to be in  a particular order.


so we created a literal string with the right info in it, and we use a variable {{foo}} to control the content generated.


this is a .tst, not a vsm,


when the testcase is run, we get 4 syntax errors on the simulator console.

and ALSO get the right data generated into the file.


we have put logging around it all, and have come to the conclusion the errors are generated at code preprocessing time, because the variable is not set.

so we end up with bad syntax!.. duh..


when the code RUNS, the variable IS set, and all is well.


is there a way to tell the pre-processor NOT to do substitution on this string. 


using devtest 8.5