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Wily_Calculators: Process or Calculate only those DataPoints having non-zero Value

Question asked by Vaibhav Vir Singh on Nov 5, 2015
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Actually need to know how could I make Wily configured Calculators to process only non-zero values.


To elaborate, lets say I have created a metric grouping consisting of metric A, B, C, D

Now I created a simple calculator in MModule of Wily where I am averaging the values of these four metrics of one Metric Grouping.


So say at one point of time, below are the values we have for individual metrics as  -






So how currently my calculator gives the value is like - (A+B+C+D)/4 = 3

But ideally speaking or how I am looking for calculator to process is - (A+C+D)/3 = 4

In second case, it has not taken value for metric B to calculate average.


I haven't tried with many options, so want to know if I can achieve this easily. I cannot put much customization to my environment. [ Processed environment]

Please suggest.