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Hyperlink request ref num in BOE results into NEW window

Question asked by Phlippr on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2015 by cdtj

Good day,  I have the following formula to hyperlink the Reference Number of a ticket so that a user from the BOE report can open the ticket.  However, it opens the ticket in the same window as the BOE report, thus you cannot go back and select the next ticket.  You have to re-run the report.


=If IsNull([Request Id])=1 Then "" Else
"<a href=\""+""+FormatNumber([Request Id] ;"######")+"\">"+[Request Ref Num]+"</a>"


Is there a way to force the hyperlink to open in a NEW window so that the user can go back and forth between the BOE results and the viewing of the selected ticket?


Thank you.