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Introscope agent for CICS Java applications

Question asked by LutzM Champion on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by LutzM

Hi all folks,

we use lots of Java application inside CICS TS on zOS Systems. In the past we use Jinside to analyse problems and do some profiling inside the Java applications.


In general we use Introscope to do this job on AIX, Solaris and Linux Systems for Java Websphere and Liberty Profile applications. I have a look to the Introscope documentation and it seems to me, Introscope can be used on zOS Systems in the same way, but not inside a CICS TS.


Has anyone some experience in using Introscope on zOS systems?

Is this right, Introscope does not support CICS TS Java applications (only the CICS TG)?


With regards,