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Change the BLC Password (after an install) - For CA Identity Manager

Discussion created by Alan Baugher Employee on Nov 6, 2015

Hello All,




Customers with password change policies for service accounts, often update / recycle their privileged IDs on a periodic basis.


One component of the IM solution, that needs some additional expansion/clarification is the IM Bulk Loader Client (BLC) for post-password resets.


This is pre-built java module that will use a XML or CSV file to bulk load user data into the IM solution via web services.

The web services in IM are labeled as TEWS.


STEP 00:  The TEWS service must be enabled in the IME Management Console & along with the WSDL.  (these are simple checkboxes).

Login information may be made mandatory using IM only or with Siteminder integrated.

STEP 01:  To validate that the web service is available, and the WSDL can be view, use the following URI:


J2EE Direct URL (J2EE Hostname + Port: 8080 or 7001)



Via Web Server (or VIP) (Apache/IIS hostname + Port: 443  or 8443





STEP 02:   On the server with the IM BLC client, create a new file.


# Create INPUT FILE with three (3) tokens and values  (or the file may just have ONLY the password token & value)

# Password will be clear text; and then converted to CRYPT format







STEP 03:  Execute the batch file and switches to pull data from input file and convert/transform it ; then save to the configuration file.

#imbulkloadclient.bat --storeEndpointInfo --endpointInfoFile I:\im_win_blc\caim-bulk-loader\conf\imblc_input_file.txt

#IM Bulk Loader invoked ...

#Loaded configuration options from properties file: I:\im_win_blc\caim-bulk-loader\conf\imblc_input_file.txt

#Storing server URL:

#Storing user name: idmadmin

#Storing obfuscated password: devrhQ2YEm5RE0IGa3tyoPkiTOe0uYNpgjS1Zlsz9B8=

#End point information stored in configuration file: ../conf/

STEP 04:  Validate the BLC with the new login ID and Password.

STEP 05:  Delete the temporary input file (to ensure the clear text Password is not stored)