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Is CA Gateway able to parser a PKCS#10 request?

Question asked by ajcremades on Nov 9, 2015
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I'm working on a project and we want to know it if could be possible to Layer 7 Gateway to parser a PKCS#10 CSR. Does exist any possibility? I've been researching on manuals but I was not able to find something yet.


I had a glance at the "Creating CA API Gateway Custom Assertions" file and I read this:


"Custom Assertions are modules that are added to a CA API Gateway to add functionality to be executed in a service policy. They typically implement proprietary business logic, as opposed to standard-compliant mechanisms supported by CA Technologies.

This document describes how to create and install Custom Assertions on a CA API Gateway."


Do you think it is possible to create a custom assertion which when gets a PKCS#10 request, extracts information from it and creates a SOAP message?


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