New KB Article: Generating an XML Message – How to deal with Multiple Namespaces

Discussion created by menma17 Employee on Nov 9, 2015

Hi CA IDMS IUA EIUA Community,

The CA IDMS Web Services product uses the XML GENERATE function within the COBOL language to facilitate the generation of XML strings for Service requests and responses.

Support for XML Namespaces is relatively primitive in the XML GENERATE function, in that only one Namespace can be used in a single function invocation.

Some customers have found this to be problematic, as their Services require XML strings to reference multiple namespaces.

The CA IDMS team has published the Knowledge Base (KB) Article TEC1161783 which outlines several alternatives that can be employed to mitigate this problem.

Any feedback is welcome.

Mariana Mendoza-Botero

Software Engineer

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