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WebView Active Browser Count with negative values

Question asked by LutzM Champion on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by LutzM

Hi all folks,

I try to determine the WebView usage via the "APM Introscope|APM.WebView" Metric "WebView:Active Browser Count".

In general it seems to me this is a easy way to see the number of connected users/brower, but some WebView systems report a value with -1 or -3.

To get the number of connected workstation user I use "Custom Metric Host (Virtual)|Custom Metric Process (Virtual)|Custom Metric Agent (Virtual)" Metric "Enterprise Manager\|Connections:Number of Workstations" in the past.


But in general I can't find a way to count the users in itself.


Any idea,

is this a reasonable way to cont the user/usage.


Thanks for any hint,