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How do we monitor the var/lib/mysql partition use/free space?

Question asked by StPaulPete on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by StPaulPete

I'm looking for a handy way to monitor the utilization of our var/lib/MySQL disk.  I'd like to get an alert if the disk use is above a certain threshold.  ESM has monitoring of the root partition, but not the MySQL disk.  There is an "audit.archiverWarningThreshold" cluster property but setting it only causes a warning to be written in the audit log, and nobody's going to see that.  It also is only watching the database usage and there are other things on the /var/lib/MySQL partition (notably ssgbin_log files) that can cause usage to grow.  I'm trying to find something provided and supported before I resort to a 3rd party monitor such as Nagios.  Searched the articles, etc, and could not find anything.