Has anyone successfully used ODBC for IDMS r18.5.

Discussion created by sue.olsen on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by ChrisHoelscher

We are having problems connecting to IDMS using the ODBC driver for IDMS Server.

Our problem appears to be that the PTERM for TCPIP is out of service 

      DIS LINE TCPIP                              

     *** Physical Line Display ***                

PLine-ID TCPIP                                    

  Status InSrv                                    

  Opened 2015-11-12-               

  Module IP                                       

Plug-in RHDCD1IP                                 

LTerm-ID PTerm-ID Type/M Status  Port Target-host 

TCLJSRV1 TCPJSRV1 LIST   OutSrv 03707   


We have tried to vary this online, but it does not change.


Can anyone give us a clue where to look?