Migration from 12.7 to 14.1

Discussion created by MarcosStrapa on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Grant Bruneau

Hello everyone! I'm in the process to upgrade my current SDM version, which is 12.7, to the latest one, 14.1.


I've just finished the migration wizard succesfully in my test environment. After I logged in I noticed that the new SDM version kept all my customizations, including the spell codes and the web pages, among the new features, like the new attachment method.


This is the first time I don't need to re-write all the customizations after a migration so I'm suspicious if it worked, it's too good to be real


Has anyone done the migration between these versions? 12.7 -> 14.1


I wonder if this is the correct behavior.


Thanks a lot!


test migration.jpg