Meet The CA UIM Experts At CA World

Discussion created by Umair.Khan Employee on Nov 12, 2015

Drop by the show floor to say hi. Want them to demo anything particular ? Leave a message for them below:





Alec Isaacson

Expertise: Infrastructure and application management.


Three Things looking forward to @ CA World

  • Showing all the great stuff we’ve been doing
  • Meeting our customers and hearing what they have to say.
  • Getting to see Fallout Boy before my 12 year old does.


Charlie Wells

Expertise: solution architecture, implementation planning, and best practices for the successful deployment of CA UIM solutions.


Three Things looking forward to @ CA World

  • Looking forward to meeting with customers (new and old)
  • Mike Gregoire’s keynote
  • Thursday Night Live!


Mike Foley              

Expertise: CA UIM


Three Things looking forward to @ CA World                      

  • Seeing what customers think of the new UIM demo
  • Meeting old friends and making new ones;
  • Having a vacation from my vacation to South Africa!


Gabriel Ortiz

Expertise: CA UIM, ASM, EcoMeter, MSP


Three things looking forward to @ CA World

  • Product Vision
  • Interfacing with attendees for new networking opportunities
  • Catching up with customers