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Upgrade PIM from 12.9 into 12.9 sp1

Question asked by Wael AbdelWahab Champion on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by Wael AbdelWahab


when i try to upgrade my PIM 12.9 (running on RHL 6.5 ) into PIM 12.9 sp1 on same machine ,, after installing JDK 1.8 and exporting the new path of java, i ran the install_EntM.bin -i console (while all the PIM 12.9.0 running and jboss running too)

i have received the following message:



Downgrade Notice


This setup installs CA Privileged Identity Manager Enterprise Server version However, a newer version,, is already installed, and

cannot be downgraded. Setup will now quit.



i repeat this again but with running the stop command, so all the PIM services and  JBoss service stopped, same error message appears.

how is that ? and how to correct this , it appear that the installer script identify PIM to be higher than the new PIM ?


any idea what is going on ? and how to correct this ?


thanks everyone