Application on HOLD Issue

Discussion created by erodworldpay on Nov 13, 2015
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Application A

Application B w/ external job from Application A


Application A was placed on HOLD it showd up as "APPHOLD" on the CA Scheduler

Since Application B has an external job from Application A it also stated "APPHOLD"


In summary, the Application B in question was not placed on "HOLD".  What was misleading
is that the application status indicated the applications were on "HOLD" even though they were not.
The Applications reflected a "HOLD" status because an External job within the application was in application "HOLD" status.  An external job reflects the status of a job in another application.  In this case the other application was on "HOLD". 



When we manually completed Application A the external job for Application B showed as completed and the jobs within Application B started to run as it should. For a new user to CA this can be confusing and misleading thinking the application B is on HOLD when it really wasn't and causing a bigger production issue.




To ensure an Application is on "HOLD" one should view all jobs in the application to ensure each job is in application "HOLD" status, not just any External Job. 


Should this be an enhancement for a future release?